O.ERRE.PI. on the top of Monviso!

O.ERRE.PI is proud to announce its participation in the climb of the Monte Viso!

TURIN -O.ERRE.PI. has always been aiming high through experience and dedication .
This time in the literal sense, O.ERRE.PI company conquered Monviso (3841mt).  The historic enterprise was by Filippo Re, 53 years old, among the best employees in our company.

A dream cherished for some time by Filippo, who prepared these missions by training between rock climbing, via ferratas and mountain excursions, the great passion.




Filippo safely faced a remarkable mountaineering mission, meticulously prepared, because nothing should be left to chance in these circumstances, just as we do during our work and throughout our processes of machines design and building.

But for him and O.ERRE.PI. Company , the challenges are not over: what will be our next goals and how far we will climb?