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MTH - Honing machines

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Since 1998 we have been certified by DNV institution according to the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001 which ensures the qualitative conformity of the product in a super partes way. All business processes are managed through constant attention to the details and in continuous exchange of information that allows us to identify possible critical points or opportunities for improvement, from the beginning of the production process.
Ensuring high quality standards is an essential condition for us. Just so, we can get the trust of our customers. Quality, efficiency, characteristics of the product and its performances are the guarantees that distinguish us.


From beginning to end, a 360° approach: OERREPI Company is distinguished by a totally in-house approach, reaching from project development and single component construction, to assembly and delivery.


Metrology Room

A Metrology Room has been operating since 1997 and is equipped with Taylor Hobson precision instruments.


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Know, understand and solve customer needs and expectations through the construction of direct and effective communication channels.


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A highly qualified team of experts in each sector to satisfy your every request


Our History

A story of great successes that began in 1969 which transformed the company into an excellence in the machine tool sector.


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